We Are Machine_In The Digital Prison

“We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves”

Technological innovation has rapidly processing since 21st century. Today, AI is used all around us, all the time, shaping our lives in public and private space, through the media, product we consume. A new dimension is revealing possibilities beyond previously known physical limitations and technology is simultaneously challenging our identity. People connect

mobile device with internet to reach worldwide who use different social media platforms and websites to know people from different culture. It leaves many digital foot-printing, digital appearance on each platform. Then, algorithms use our data, our digital foot-printing to assign personal information. Drawing on our every digital behavior, algorithms determine the news we get, the people we meet and the information accessible to us. It seems to lead us to venture forth into the uncharted technological territory of possibility. However, the data collection also entails more than gathering information about us. It decides what that information means, constructing our worlds and the identities we inhabit in the process.

We get put into limited informational environment with filter news perspective and knowledge. Therefore, people are getting used to the filter information, having naive thinking ability and tame perspective, receiving each command as a machine. Then, we gradually lost our own thinking, disappear in the real world

In the work, audience randomly wears blue or red glasses going into the exhibition area with greenhouse lights and watches the filter images around the space. Between visible and invisible, the technique of AI makes our digital selves, builds up digital world and removes something unknown. We get watched by the machine like a goldfish free swimming in an aquarium, a human free switching on limited new channels, a plant free growing around greenhouse.Through controlling the webcam robot, The interactive installation are like a mirror to reflect our digital identities and digital foot-printing. the webcam also traces the relationship between watching and being watched, human and machine.

Digital Selfie disappears in the world


printing by Risograph
Television Channel
Channel switching by Max/Msp
Algorithm leads us toward a new world
Visible and invisible by Red or Blue glasses
Big Brother Is Watching You
Facial recognition technology in monitoring system