We Are Human_We Are Posthuman


(Ghost in the shell, 1995)


As The latest version Alter 3: Offloaded Agency has been made by Alter project team and Mixi, inc. in 2019 (see Fig.1). A bare machined body and face of unknown age or sex, it behaves in more lifelike way than its predecessors, challenging and sharpening our human sensibilities. The new life form of cyborg body could show up in our live. How do we set up mechanical behavior as human? The information can be collected by human- humans interaction.In the work, I explore how do human first interact with each other by outlooking (see Fig.2). I had interviewed many people from different culture, language and race to explain their experience of human interaction and the way of seeing.Finally, The leap motion sensor sends the distance data into Max/Msp software to switch 4 footages playing in the media (see Fig.3) to build up final work as an interactive video installation with headset media and Leap Motion sensor (see Fig.4).


Faces denote the culture that surrounds them, and modern culture has been progressively viewed as discontinuous, fragmented, and ruptured.

Fragment of close-up video of body and face emphasizes different way of looking at human body.
Sight Experience

How do people interact with people form different cultural background and race at the first time?

How does a person interact with a new person from different cultural background?
Cyborg Face

我透過Photoshop 和 After Effects 來製造出一個如同人類外貌的面容,並將其影像碎片放置互動裝置之中,並同時觀察觀眾對於這個外貌影像的反應。

Digital Image made by Photoshop and After Effects
Interactive video installation

最初的設定是將影像以VR的方式呈現,觀眾可以透過頭戴裝置靠近不同的身體影像,同時透過Leap Motion裝架在頭戴裝置前端,判斷觀眾所移動的不同距離和位置來切換不同的影像。

Testing with Leap Motion