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我們將虛擬與真實對立; 目前必須糾正此術語,此術語並不精確。虛擬並非與真實對立,而是與現實對立。虛擬是潛在的,而且虛擬是完全真實的。


From the analog to digital era, signals are presented in screen devices through transmission and translation. Screen become an important bridge connected human and machine vision. In the work, I am trying to present myself as a signal into machine system. When my digital self enters the virtual world through various media devices, my digital body and face are also represented as a format in different media. I am interested in how do I look like in the machine version and how do I make my digital appearance exist in the visual world. In the end, I try to get human images in computer vision through computational machine and screen device then transfer the images into different medium.

Digital Appearance

We have various digital footprints on several social platforms nowadays, so that we also have many digital shells around the digital environment. How does our digital appearances look like in the mediums, the digital eyes?

Digital shells made by Max Msp and be printing by Cyanotype
How does my digital appearance in the digital eyes?